How Medical Alert Devices Work to Safeguard Your Health

When you are 75 or older and live alone, you should consider using a medical alert device to safeguard your health? These comfortable to wear and affordable devices provide access to assistance in case of falls or injuries. Additionally, many seniors experience emergency situations when medical alert systems are life-saving. They are also easy to understand and use. Here’s how one works:

  • Press the Medic Alert button to establish 2-way communication with an operator right on the spot.
  • Immediately speak to a dedicated, professional support operator at the Medical Alert Center who will determine what you need.
  • The Alert Center notifies emergency services and your family of your situation and makes sure you get the right type of help as soon as possible.


 Press the Button          Tell Us What Happened   We Notify Emergency Services And Your Family       

If you have an illness that needs regular attention, have balance issues, climb stairs, or have fallen before, this device is invaluable.  Additionally, caretakers of elderly persons should seriously consider ordering a Medical Alert Device for her or him.

Each year more than one-third of people 65 and older fall, and you could be one of them. However, when you have the highest quality device available today at your side, you don’t have to worry. Guardian Life Watch products keep you safe 24 hours a day so you can continue to enjoy your health.

We Travel with You Wherever You Go – Day and Night

When you need us, press the Medic Alert button to reach a friendly and familiar voice. You never have to worry about talking to someone you can’t understand because we base all of our professionally staffed customer service and emergency response monitoring in the U.S.

Whether you are at home, downtown, out of town, or out of state, call us 24/7, and we will see that you get the medical attention you need. Being in an unfamiliar place can present hazards you cannot anticipate and can’t always correct immediately. This might include:

  • Stepping in a hole or cracked sidewalk
  • Being startled by an animal or another person
  • Losing control of your cane or walker.
  • Slipping or falling on ice, snow, or wet pavement
  • Becoming suddenly ill and falling
  • Being temporarily blinded by the sun and tripping

We are here for you nationwide and around the clock for any reason you need.

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Benefits of the World’s First True Mobile Alert Solution™ 

LifeBeacon™ Mobile Alert and EZ Care™ home base mobile medical alert devices provide.

  • Fast service wherever you go with mobile GPS help
  • Highest quality products at lower prices
  • Auto fall detection for your protection
  • Confidence and peace of mind
  • Multi-lingual services
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

You will also enjoy using our services without signing any contract, paying an activation fee, or paying a cancellation fee. The benefits of a medical alert system are vast and include:

  • Help with falls – Falling is a leading cause of serious injury and death among Americans age 65 and up. When you wear a medical alert device, you receive medical services faster than ever before.
  • Shortened hospital stays – Receiving medical attention faster gets you to the hospital soon enough to typically reduce the time spent there.
  • Prolonging your life – The elderly who fall or are injured don’t have to suffer for extended periods while waiting for family and medical attention. This can save your life!
  • Reducing health complications – Getting help sooner for falls and injuries can reduce or eliminate excessive bleeding, dehydration, pressure sores, hypothermia, pneumonia, and other complications.
  • Getting help when no one lives nearby – Whether you live in the city or the country, you can get help fast even though no one lives nearby.

Benefits of the World’s First True Mobile Alert Solution™

A surprise benefit of using a medical alert device is increased independence and mobility. Don’t stay home and miss seeing your family, extended family, friends, and social events for fear of falls. Go where your limitations allow you to go, and stay stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. You will enjoy life much more with all these incredible benefits!

Why Buying from Us Is Your Best Opportunity

Guardian Life Watch is a national safety and monitoring company for seniors based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our staff is committed to serving the medical alert industry, supporting caregivers, and empowering senior independence. We understand the needs of the senior population and provide a unique service that helps them enjoy healthier and happier lives.

Guardian Life Watch is a national safety and monitoring company for seniors based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Our company has the finest products, expertise, experience, and monitoring network available. Visit us online, email our team, or call one of our specialists at (844) 563-9111 with your questions.