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Why guardian life watch?

Guardian Life Watch is the premier Medical Alert Devices Distributor in North America. We revolutionized the industry by offering the finest fully mobile medical alert device. We are also one of the first devices approved by The FCC to be worn on the body.If you are a senior citizen or are disabled, wearing a medical alert device every day will provide safety, security, and peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else.
GLW Family of Medical Alert Devices

The World's First True Mobile Alert Solution.™

The Medical Alert Devices for the twenty-first century are finally here. Introducing LifeBeacon™ Mobile Alert and EZ Care™ home base mobile medical alert devices that work wherever life may take you or your loved one. Discover the new confidence and peace of mind that thousands of satisfied users already know — Discover the LifeBeacon Difference.™ Our thousands of customers are satisfied with our 24/7 security, safety, peace of mind, personalized attention, and care. Read more about the top benefits of medical alert systems.


Unlike most other medical alert systems, our professional staffed customer service and emergency response monitoring are all U.S. based.

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Over 500,000 satisfied customers

More than half a million people benefit from the peace of mind and personal care provided by our medical alert systems and products. Every customer is treated as a family member, with dignity and respect. You can enjoy these benefits with one of our high-quality medical alert devices that are easy to understand and use.

24/7 Security, Safety, Peace of Mind

We only offer Medic Alert Products that meet our high standards for quality and safety. All Guardian Life Watch products are designed to keep you safe and provide 24-hour peace of mind. Contact us from home, while shopping, visiting family or friends, or on a trip.

Personalized Attention and Care

We have highly trained professionals and experienced staff, all here to assist/help you, regardless of your needs. When you sign up with us, we treat you and your loved ones as members of the Medic Alert family! Those who use our devices and services appreciate the time and effort we put in to assist them with their needs. Whether you fall, become ill or injured, we are available 24/7 to listen to your condition and arrange for immediate help.

“We have taken our experience and built the finest product and monitoring network in the industry.”

Guardian Lifewatch vs. Competition

Compare Guardian Lifewatch to our closest competitors. We offer all the features of our competitors
at significantly less cost to fit your budget and needs.

Life Alert™

Competitor 1

$49.99/ mo
No Contract Terms
Mobile GPS Help
Auto Fall Detection
No Activation Fee
No Cancellation Fee
Free Shipping

Bay Alarm Medical

Competitor 2

$59.95/ mo
No Contract Terms
Mobile GPS Help
Auto Fall Detection
No Activation Fee
No Cancellation Fee
Free Shipping


Competitor 3

$44.95/ mo
No Contract Terms
Mobile GPS Help
Auto Fall Detection
No Activation Fee
No Cancellation Fee
Free Shipping

Who Is guardian life watch?

Guardian Life watch is a national senior safety and monitoring company that is committed to serving the medical alert industry, support caregivers and empower senior independence across America.

Based in Fort Lauderdale Florida, we sit in the center of one of the largest senior populations in the world and it gives us a unique perspective on what the senior community and caregivers want and need. We have taken that experience and built the finest product and monitoring network in the industry. Our customers know we care about them by the award-winning service they receive.

We offer a 100% 30-day money-back customer satisfaction guarantee on our best-quality medical alert devices and our services. All you need to do if something goes wrong is press the button and you will get help fast. We have the technology to serve more than 500,000 customers in a fast and efficient manner. You can count on us!

0 Day
Money Back Guarantee
24/ 0
Professional Care
Just Over $ 1
Dollar Per Day

How it Works


Medic Alert Button

Press your Medic Alert button to immediately establish 2 way communication with operators. Speak slowly and clearly so we understand every word you say. Provide the essential details about why you called and our Medic Alert Center will get the help you need.

Speak with the Medic Alert Center

Our dedicated, professional support operator determines the exact help you need. We listen closely to every detail you express in your call so we can provide the best service possible.

We Notify Emergency Services & Family

Our operators are standing by to make sure you get the right type of help immediately. We will send an ambulance with EMTs, the fire department, police, your family member contacts, or other services you may need. Don’t delay your call when you need immediate assistance. We are here 24/7 to provide help to get you back to your normal life.


Let us know if you have any questions about our products or services by emailing our customer service staff in the box below. We treat all questions and answers confidentially for your protection and peace of mind.